Your ngrok-agent version "2.3.41" is too old. The minimum supported agent version for your account is "3.0.0".

Caroline Cah
Caroline Cah

If you're like me, saving costs for development, and you do not have paid subscription of ngrok and you've gotten the issue of having a too old version of ngrok. There are some solutions to this error while trying to create a dev tunnel.

Upgrade ngrok by using homebrew

For macOS users, upgrading ngrok is straightforward. Execute the following commands to uninstall the outdated version and install the latest one:

brew uninstall ngrok
brew install ngrok
ngrok version

The ouput should be version version 3.0.0 or newer.

Upgrade Ngrok by ngrok's webpage

. Depending on your Mac model, you might have different processors. Apple's M1 Max or newer models utilize the Apple Silicon (ARM64) architecture, while older Macs are powered by Intel (AMD64) processors.

If that still doesn't work try

brew update
brew upgrade

Still doesn't work?

First, ensure that the ngrok binary in /usr/local/bin is indeed the one you just moved:

ls -l /usr/local/bin/ngrok

Use the which command to find out which ngrok executable is being called when you type ngrok in the terminal:

which ngrok

Check Your PATH Variable

Print the PATH environment variable to see the order of directories:

bashCopy code
echo $PATH

Directories in PATH are searched in the order they are listed. If there's another directory listed before /usr/local/bin that contains an ngrok executable, that version will be used instead.

sudo rm /some/other/directory/ngrok

Refresh Your Shell or Restart Terminal

Now it ought to work

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